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Protec Pro Pac Soprano Sax Case

$USD 133
Designed for straight soprano saxophones with fixed or detachable necks. This case features an adjustable block for full body support of the instrument. Conveni...
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Yamaha Wood FluteS

$USD 9586
Yamaha wood flutes are made from the highest grade of grenadilla wood, with the warm, deep and rich sound of the traditional wood flutes. Features include an EC...
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Fox Model 201 Bassoon - Red Maple

$USD 26000
Fox Short Bore bassoons were designed and developed under the supervision of Alan Fox in conjunction with prominent bassoonists in major symphony orchestras. Red maple....
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Fox Model 660 Bassoon - Mountain Maple

$USD 28640
Thick wall bassoons are known their bigger and Fox Model 660 Bassoon - Mountain Maple, 660MM, FOX, Band & Orchestra, Woodwind Instruments, Bassoons, Fox, Model 660, Bassoon...
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Venture 1042 Vinyl Coated Saxophone Cleaning Accessory

$USD 4
Venture 1042 Vinyl Coated Saxophone Cleaning Accessory...
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Jupiter 1000 Series JOB1000 Resin Body Oboe

$USD 2069
An excellent oboe for the student player, the Jupiter 355 student oboe is made with a durable, dense and wood-like plastic body. Other features of the Jupiter 355 oboe are ...
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Ridenour Lyrique Libertas - Bb Clarinet with Case and Professional Mouthpiece

$USD 1845
The Lyrique Libertas is the clarinet I've hoped to make for over a decade now, a clarinet that possesses many of the same playing and acoustical characteristics of the Opus...
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Guardian CW-041-FL - Thermoplastic ABS Case for Flute

$USD 37
Our wind instrument cases offer fantastic protection for a variety of band instruments. These cases are made with our exclusive thermoplastic casing that can wi...
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Gemeinhardt - Roy Seaman Storm Piccolo, Traditional Headjoint

$USD 1299
Silver plated keys. Beryllium copper springs. Split E mechanism with traditional custom contoured head. Includes leather case and cover....
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Jupiter Intermediate Bb Tenor Saxophone - Gold Lacquered Finish

$USD 3189
Bb Tenor, Gold Lacquered Body and Keys, high F#, front F, Adjustable palm keys, tilting G# Bb table keys, metal tone boosters, wood frame case. (KC67P)...