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Yamaha AVC5 Student Model Cello - 1/4 Size

$USD 2530
1/4 Size - QualityFully hand-carved, the AVC5's Spruce top, Maple neck, back & sides are seasoned & aged 5+ years. Upgraded Rosewood fittings not found on most ins...
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Knilling Bucharest European Cello Outfit - 3/4 Size

$USD 1750
European instrument, with solid carved seasoned spruce top and maple back, solid maple ribs, inlaid purfling. Ebony pegs, nut, fingerboard and tailpiece. Knilli...
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Cremona SV588 - Premier Artist Violin Outfit - 1/4 Size

$USD 300
The Premier Artist line uses select tonewoods that are carved and graduated for tonal perfection, then meticulously hand varnished to accentuate their physical beauty....